Basic Package

CBC FBS TSH Triglycerides, Cholesterol Total, HDL, LDL, VLDL, LDL/HDL Ratio, Cholesterol Total / HDL Ratio…..

Essential Package

Basic Profile + Urine RM,ESR,HBA1C(3 month Sugar Level)T3, T4…

Advance Package

CBC, Urine Routine examination, ESR, FBS, HBA1C (3 Month Sugar Level)…

Premium Package 

CBC, Urine Routine examination FBS, HBA1C (3 Month Sugar Level)…

Why Choose Us

Test Accuracy And Reliability

In Unipath, we have automated instruments and machines like, cobas etc for accuracy of all tests. And we have all trained and good experienced Doctors team and technical staff to perform all tests with high reliability.

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Remove Delays in Correct Diagnosis

In Unipath we offer our customers quick and accurate results of their samples. We have shortest TAT (turnaround time) for our all tests which provides customers fast and smooth diagnostic experience with reliable repor

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Reduce Treatment Complications

Our customers get their reports fast so that treatment starts with in time and their treatment complications reduces.

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Packages At Your Pocket Friendly Price

About Us

Best Pathology Lab in Indore

Best Pathology Lab in Indore

Unipath Specialty Laboratory

Pathology services play a significant role in the diagnosis and deciding the treatment of a disease. That’s why, at Unipath, we work day in and out to ensure quality reports and superior customer experience. Over the past 13 years, Unipath Specialty Laboratory Limited (USLL) has successfully established itself as one of the leading diagnostic brands in Western India having successfully expanded across 11 states.

Unipath laboratory is the leading diagnostic lab in the Western India. We have the skilled, experienced and well-qualified team. We make use of modern equipments for quick and better results. We provide quality experience, assurance and satisfaction to our patients.


Our Packages

 Unipath laboratory works in an efficient manner. Our patients come first to us that’s why we provide cost effective services. Unipath Specialty Laboratory Limited (USLL) has successfully established itself as one of the leading diagnostic brands.

  • Basic Package

    Basic Package (UBP) (50 Test) = Rs. 3560/ - Rs. 999/
  • Advance Package

    Advance Package (76 Test) = Rs. 7130/- Rs. 1999/
  • Essential Package

    Essential Package (70 Test) =Rs. 51307/ - Rs. 1399/
  • Premium Package

    Premium Package (UCPE/UCPM) (85 Test) = Rs. 12830/ - Rs. 3499/
  • Basic Diabetic Package

    Basic Diabetic Package (22 TEST) = Rs. 38407/ - Rs. 549/
  • Basic Diabetic Package

    Basic Diabetic Package (22 TEST) = Rs. 38407/- Rs. 549/
  • Advance Diabetic Package

    Advance Diabetic Package (35 TEST) =  1600/ - Rs. 899/
  • Complete Diabetic Package

    Complete Diabetic Package (90 Test) = Rs. 54307/ - Rs. 1999/

Our Centers

We have more than 100 hospitals and more than 150 labs associated with Unipath Indore for their all-diagnostic requirements all over the city and periphery areas.  

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Our Prime Memeberships

Anyone who is interested to associate with us as a member, for his/her diagnostic needs can get membership of Unipath indore lab on very minimum charges. Our prime members can avail on all pathological tests.

Cover You & Your Family

Free Home Collection Extra Benifits

Join Our Prime Membership & get additional benefits for you & your family


Very good laboratory for all types of checkups. And charges are also nominals. For RTPCR, they charge 700 for lab test and 900 for in house sample collection. But other lab charges are 900 for In lab checkup.

Best Pathology Lab in Indore
Nimish Jain

Unipath highly recommended lab. They have trained staff, excellent facilities ,fast and accurate reports with reasonable rates.Accurate reporting, clean environment, supportive staff, fast service.

Best Pathology Lab in Indore
Priyanka Kiyawat

Excellent customer service. Supportive staff, best pathology setup.We appreciate your feedback. We at Unipath Speciality Laboratory strive to provide our customers with the best. Thank You.

Best Pathology Lab in Indore
Purvansh Choudhary

Best place for check - up and best place for work. Fast and accurate reporting done. Best laboratory to believe. Good experience, Customer friendly, well trained staff.Accurate reports and fast services.

Best Pathology Lab in Indore
sameer sheikh

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