• A team of specialists from India’s Leading Medical Institutions provides a comprehensive menu of diagnostic services including Histopathology, Cytology,Immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, Enzyme histochemistry & Frozen section.
  • Our team includes 70 well skilled technical staff & experienced pathologists.
  • We perform liquid Based Cervical Screening co-test including Cytology & HPV with reflex to CISH "Molecular PAP".
  • We have extensive IHC panels of about 170 markers covering Lymphoma, Prostate carcinoma, Lung Carcinoma & Myeloma.
  • We provide In–situ Hybridization (ISH) for EBV, HPV & CMV.
  • We use the Immunoflorescence technique for skin and kidney biopsies.
  • Our expert team of pathologists provides subspecialty expert opinions.
  • We conduct AChE testing for Hirschsprung disease.
  • We perform about 50000+ biopsy and 10000+ cytology annually.