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Allergy is a condition in which the body shows unfamiliar reactions to specific substances. The response shown by a body in case of allergy is negative or in a bad manner. Allergies vary in different people.

It can happen in response to things which are not at all harmless and toxic. Allergies can be of various types caused by various allergens such as contact, inhaled and ingested. Few examples of allergy are food, drug, insect, pet, pollen and many more.

Blood in urine(Hematuria) 

Hematuria is a condition in which blood is seen in the urine. Blood in urine can be a indicator of various health issues. Hematuria is of three types: Blood Hematuria and Microscopic Hematuria and Dipstick Hematuria.

Blood in urine should never be ignored . It includes symptoms such as pain while urinating.

Cholesterol Disorders

Cholesterol disorders are often observed when the level of cholesterol raises above the normal range. High cholestrol level can lead to heart diseases. High cholesterol takes place due to unhealthy habits.

It can be caused due to kidney diseases, HIV, hypothyroidism etc. It can be detected with the help of a blood test.


Diabetes occur in a person when the level of glucose increases above the normal range. This happens when the body in not able to utilize the glucose completely. Not enough production of insulin causes the rise of diabetes.

Diabetes is further of three types: Diabetes Mellitus, Diabetes Insipidus and Gestational Diabetes. Loss of weight, urinating more often, blurred vision, are few symptoms of diabetes. Blood test is done to check the presence of diabetes.


Fever is an increase in the body temperature above the  normal body temperature that is 37° C. The temperature increase is temporary and comes down eventually.  During the increase the person is more likely to experience cold.

Excessive sweating also takes place during fever. Fever indicates us about the unusual activity happening inside our body.


Thyroid is an endocrine gland  present in our body. Thyroid takes part in the production of hormones. There are two conditions hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

Which occurs due to abnormal level of hormones production by the thyroid gland. Imbalance in thyroid level can lead to obesity, pain in joints, heart diseases etc. Thyroid can be determined with the help of blood test, physical exam and imaging test.

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